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Mr Waugh suggests that the report was interested in how gambling legislation could promote the greatest benefits to consumers while also providing Gaming Act 1968, schedule 2, paragraph Gambling Review Report, p 10 Dan Waugh, ‘Budd Revisited—Gambling in Great Britain 15 Years On’, UNLV Gaming Research & Review Journal, vol. protection against harms to individuals and society.

The authors of the report stated that finding this balance was their ‘central dilemma’: “The most difficult general issue that we have had to solve concerns the familiar dilemma between the desire to permit free choice and the fear that such choice may lead to harm either to the individual or to society more widely” … “Our proposals generally move in the direction of allowing greater freedom for the individual to gamble in ways, times and in places than is permitted under current legislation This move to greater freedoms is balanced by rather tighter controls on the freedom of young people to gamble and by some tighter controls over those who provide gambling circumstances.”

The Budd report concluded that the correct balance between restrictions on consumer freedom and the potential for harm suggested setting aside the principle that facilities offered should only respond to unstimulated demand.

The report recommended that online gaming should be permitted but also that “only online gambling sites that are licensed by the Gambling Commission should be permitted to advertise in Great Britain.” While the Government accepted the Budd report’s recommendation that online gambling be made explicitly legal, it did not become a requirement for remote operators to hold a licence from the Gambling Commission until November 2014.



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