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Groupmail Crack 5 Business (Latest)




Get Flexible Email Address Sorting with Mass Email Import from Outlook Never Settle for Group Mail Personal when you can get Group Mail Business – and do it easy! We’ve added everything you need to manage your contacts easily with GroupMail Business. Need to send hundreds of emails a day? Now there’s no longer a problem with GroupMail Personal – because Group Mail Business has mass email import from Outlook. Group Mail Business, with the Group SMS Add-on, features mass email import from Outlook and you can quickly import a whole batch of emails at once – at your leisure! Mass Email Import from Outlook with Group Mail Business Group Mail Business has a fully integrated module for mass email import from Outlook – simply right click on your contacts list in Outlook and choose Group Mail Business – the Group SMS Add-on will be auto-selected and your emails imported. It’s that easy. It’s a great feature for any small business looking to streamline their email sending. Group Mail Business also features mass email import from Lotus Notes and an Email Clipper as well as email scheduling. Group Mail Business is an update to GroupMail Personal, so you’ll get all the advantages of GroupMail Personal with the added versatility of Group Mail Business. Get Group SMS Add-on and Autoresponder Get your GroupMail Business or GroupMail Plus Group Mail Personal is a great email solution for smaller businesses. But there’s something better and something bigger. It’s called Group Mail Plus and it has all the same great features of Group Mail Personal (including all the features of Group Mail Business) PLUS – Powerful autoresponders, database linking and the ability to set up campaigns and reports. A more complete database featuring contact databases and all the custom fields you could ever need. No more tedious set-up and configuration – simply use the templates you need to create powerful campaigns and autoresponders. Add Custom Fields to Your Contacts Get Group Mail Personal, Group Mail Business and Group Mail Plus GroupMail Business is designed to give small businesses the power of email marketing with GroupMail Plus – the big, popular features that GroupMail Personal lacked. More flexibility with GroupMail Plus – more contact fields, more user permissions, more security, more features – the list goes on



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Groupmail Crack 5 Business (Latest)

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