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Bara (The Flame)

Documentary I 75 min. I 2021


Every year, hectares of Borneo forest catches fire that pollutes the whole region. A 75-year-old grandfather Iber Djamal has been fighting to save his land from a palm oil company invasion and to stop the fire. Now his family thinks he is too old to fight.


Silent Blues of The Ocean

Documentary I 26 min. I 2016


A traditional fishing lost their home and access to the sea due to the expending reclamation project on Makassar’s coastline. But now they have to survive in a city, without an ocean that was once both their field and backyard.

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Ininnawa - an Island Calling

Documentary I 73 min I 2023


Rabiah, a nurse for 35 years in the remote island on Flores Sea, when she did her last trip after she retired. Through of her journey, we can see how the fisherman community will face a new phase. They have to survive without Rabiah. Meanwhile, no doctor want to stay there and other paramedic also think that living in the big city is better than in the remote islands. It's mean the community have to struggle from dangerous disease, like malaria and typhoid, only with volunteer and shaman. Will Rabiah decide to go back to her hometown in mainland Pangkep and leave them, or stay there and face all of their problems in the remore islands?

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The Three Brothers

Documentary I Working in progress


Three brothers must have “nikah kembar" to keep their parent’s responsibility to marry them together at one party. But unlike his two brothers who managed to propose to his girlfriend, Fadly had to break up with his girlfriend after his wedding proposal failed. Within three months, he must find a woman who wants to marry him. If not, he will be married to a woman of his parents' choice.

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