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Silent Blues of the Ocean

Arfan Sabran & Andi F. Azzahra

Documentary I 27 min. I English subtitle I Indonesia I 2016 I Rumah Ide Makassar & In-Docs


A traditional fishing lost their home and access to the sea due to the expending reclamation project on Makassar’s coastline. But now they have to survive in a city, without an ocean that was once both their field and backyard.

Kalimantan - Saving the Forest for the Future

Arfan Sabran

Documentary I 17 min. I Indonesia I 2015 I USAID - IFACS


Kalimantan, a land of a thousand rivers. It was also the focal site of a government project to make Indonesia self-sufficient in food production known as the Mega Rice Project. The project resulted in the draining of a million hectares of peatlands, and the environmental threats and consequences to society and land are being felt now.

Papua - Conserving the Lands of Our Ancestors

Arfan Sabran

Documentary I 12 min. I Indonesia I 2015 I USAID - IFACS


The Kamoro believe their ancestors live on in the forests to protect them. They see the forests’ bounty as gifts bequeathed to them by their ancestors. Food, fruits, game animals, medicine, rivers that flow almost endlessly – the Kamoro are grateful for their bounty. But the Kamoro are waking up to a new realization – that their forests and environment are not as they were before.

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