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Producer    :  Nick Calpakdjian

Director      :  Arfan Sabran

Production :  Two Islands Digital

-  Released 2023

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“Rabiah and Mimi” explores the story of a family who have dedicated their lives to providing healthcare in the remote islands of the Flores Sea.


In Indonesia, 265 million people are spread amongst more than 17,000 islands. Managing the healthcare system in the world’s biggest archipelago is a nightmare. An out of sight, out of mind approach has failed her people. “Rabiah and Mimi” explores the difficulties the world’s largest archipelago faces in providing adequate health care to its people, through the story of a family who have dedicated their lives to this pursuit in the remote islands of the Flores Sea.

Mimi is a mother of two who until recently had left her first child at school in the city and together with her youngest child worked on the islands. Her husband Hasri also willingly separates from his family to pursue his calling and work neighbouring islands. 

Now, as mother and nurse Rabiah prepares for retirement, she once again finds herself on the remote islands of the Flores Sea 250km from home. She has been preparing to transition sole responsibility for the islanders to her daughter Mimi. Falling pregnant in 2019, Mimi gives birth to her third child amidst the Covid pandemic. Unable to secure transportation during the months following her birth, Rabiah and Mimi eventually travel to the islands, leaving 2 children at home to continue their work and for Rabiah to complete her mentorship after 35 years at sea.

But for how long can Mimi stay strong and work away from her young children and husband. And how long can Rabiah stay away from the call of the islands.

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