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 Tiga Bujang 

The Three Brothers 

Documentary I 70 min I Working in progress

Director : Ishak Iskandar (Pata)

Producer : Arfan Sabran


Three brothers must have “nikah kembar" to keep their parent’s responsibility to marry them together at one party. But unlike his two brothers who managed to propose to his girlfriend, Fadly had to break up with his girlfriend after his wedding proposal failed. Within three months, he must find a woman who wants to marry him. If not, he will be married to a woman of his parents' choice.

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In Bugis-Makassar culture, parents have the responsibility to guarantee the costs of the marriage of their sons. In order to save on the cost of marriage, parents of Kifly, Ahmad and Fadly told them to do “nikah kembar", to marry together at same wedding party. But the time is very narrow, they only have three months to prepare for the wedding and start applying for their girlfriends. Kifly finally managed to propose to his girlfriend who came from a rich family. Meanwhile, Ahmad had to travel far to Aceh to propose to his girlfriend from Aceh, Sumatra. However, unlike the two successful siblings, Fadly had to accept the fact that his application failed because his family and his girlfriend's family had a dispute. Finally, Fadly had to break his relationship with his girlfriend and in his sadness, he still had to find a woman who would marry her in the remaining two months. If not, then his parents will decide whom he must marry.


Love is a human right. Everybody can choose who wants to be his/her partner in life freely. But sometimes, it will run out of control because of tradition and definitely money. 


In my place, Makassar, has a tradition called “kawin kembar”, a wedding party that has more than one couple in that party. Its tradition is the impact of the rules of our cultures (Makassar and Bugines culture) that the wedding is a responsibility of their parents and all of cost of wedding party is fully cover by man’s family. Because of that, many parents who have many sons will do “kawin kembar” to minimize the wedding cost.


But, how about the children? Are they ready to marriage or not? It is not the parent business, because Makassar/Bugines people think that they will be a successfully parent if all of their children already married. 


The three brothers (Kifly, Ahmad, and Fadly) are my closest friends and because of access to them, I think it is the best way for me to show this issue. I am really interested to tell this story because this is a very unique love story and give us some big questions about true love, marriage, and tradition that can influence your true love.

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