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Producer    :  Orlow Seunke
                       Suryani Liauw

Director      :  Arfan Sabran
Production :  ECCO Film Indonesia


Reza (9 years old) yearns to buy a decent pair of soccer shoes, while Arfah (12 years old) longs for a nice set of Muslim cloth to wear to the mosque. They have to hold off on their wishes, because they simply don’t have enough savings. They have to be patient and work harder.


Paotere is a fish market in Makassar where they hang their wishes and dreams. It is where they grab on any kind of work they can find. They would fetch water, carry heavy fish baskets, or break ice blocks; anything that can contribute a few extra coins in their piggybanks. They’re not only responsible of their own living, they are also responsible of feeding their families.


Their love for soccer keeps them high spirited while coping with their daily tasks. The irresponsible bomber can stop their favorite soccer club – Manchester United – from coming, but it won’t shatter their dreams on living.


  • Official selection at  The International Documentary film festival “anuu-ruboro” (the man’s shadow) in New Caledonia, 2011

  • Runner up at Festival Film Dokumenter (FFD) Yogyakarta 2010

  • Official selection Jakarta International Film Festival (JiFFest) 2010

  • Europe on Screen) 2010

  • Asia Forum 2012 at Ex-is Festival 2012, Seoul Korea

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