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Producer    :  Cyrys Lamija Rose
Director      :  Arfan Sabran
Production :  Rumah Ide Makassar

-  Development stage

Through a traumatic childhood, Gika (19 years old) is on the journey of understanding himself through fortune-telling: reading and building a future while making peace with his past.


Gika (18) and her step-sister, Cyrys (21), live in an apartment after leaving their mother a few years ago. Learning about their generational family curses, each has their struggles and ways of breaking them. Gika finds himself increasingly interested in the world of fashion—becoming an androgynous model, and astrology fortune-telling. Through it, he understands himself and others more and can better express his emotions and view the world as he is. Gika had just been acknowledged as a biological son by his father and is starting a new chapter of a father-and-son relationship even though he still feels neglected daily. Gika needs to determine his destiny fast because his high school graduation is approaching in 2022; he plans to learn how to become independent without relying on anyone. 


This film will follow Gika’s journey of facing the reality of what he needs to do to become an independent young adult whilst dealing with an internal struggle to try to heal his wounded inner child.


After moving out of Cyrys’s flat we’ll see him doing photoshoots with his friends to build his portfolio and applying to modeling classes to help him approach agencies in Jakarta. He’ll also be developing a fortune-telling Youtube channel. He hopes that becoming a professional fortune teller and model will help him to live independently.


However, he is still vulnerable and often feels lonely, conscious that people don't know who he really is. When his sister, isn't around, he goes to parties to get drunk as an escape. Cyrys will listen to his worries, take him to her hypnotherapist to see if therapy will help him, and together they may even confront their mother to help them face up to their past. 


By the end of the film, we will see that he has succeeded in building a successful career for himself but, even more importantly, healing some of the traumas of his past. I believe his story of resilience and honesty in the face of mental health pressures will inspire and resonate with many.